CAE Contractors Access Equipment Scaffold Solutions Pedestrian Protection Canopies Chicago
CAE Contractors Access Equipment Scaffold Solutions Pedestrian Protection Canopies Chicago

Chicago Sidewalk Canopy Services from Contractors Access Equipment

Chicago Sidewalk Canopy Pedestrian Protection


Specializing in Protective Sidewalk Canopies for All Types of Chicago Buildings

Chicago Sidewalk Canopy Pedestrian Protection


Specializing in Protective Sidewalk Canopies for All Types of Chicago Buildings

Chicago's Premier Scaffolding Company - Providing Sidewalk Canopy Rental & Installation Services

Chicago Sidewalk Canopy is an overhead protection scaffold structure placed over a sidewalk around the exterior of a building so construction can be performed overhead. The sidewalk canopy protects pedestrians from falling debris. Sidewalk canopies are mandatory in Chicago, if materials or construction is to be hoisted over the sidewalk.

CAE, Inc., will custom design the sidewalk canopy for each building allowing for mobility and safety for pedestrians. We know local and state building codes required to erect and design these sidewalk pedestrian protection canopies, so you can always trust that we will get the job done right each time.

Sidewalk Canopy and Overhead Protection Rentals & Installation

CAE, Inc., is an expert in furnishing pedestrian sidewalk canopies; or sidewalk bridges / sheds as they are commonly called in other parts of the country. Sidewalk canopies are required by Chicago city codes to protect the sidewalk under any overhead construction project; whether it is light duty maintenance, heavy facade repair, or new construction. CAE, Inc., offers various configurations of sidewalk canopies with load ratings from 150-300 lbs/sqft, to ensure that each project is furnished with the most cost effective form of pedestrian protection.

We Offer a Variety of Canopy Installation Services:

  • Light Duty Rolling Canopies
  • Medium Duty Rolling or Stationary Canopies
  • Heavy Duty Canopy
  • High Clearance Canopies for Alleys or Driveways
  • Custom Parapet Walls, Debris / Splash Walls, and Enclosures
  • Concrete Encasement & Jersey Barrier options for High Traffic Areas
  • Extra Heavy Duty Configurations for Mast Climbers, Elevators & Job Trailers
  • Hard Wired Lighting Installation
  • City of Chicago Permit Expediting
Commercial Supported Scaffold over Doorway in Chicago

Commercial & Industrial Overhead Protection

CAE, Inc., meets and will exceed the International Building Code requirements for overhead pedestrian protection no matter the height, width, or length. We are happy to meet your requirements for the safety of your project.

Contractors Access Equipment is Chicago's foremost expert in sidewalk protection and scaffolding services. Call us today at (414) 336-9097 for help with a canopy at your job site.

Protective Sidewalk Canopy Installation & Rental Services in Chicago

CAE, Inc., offers professional scaffolding rental and installation services throughout Chicago and many other locations around the area. A sidewalk canopy is necessary when the exterior of a building is being renovated, repaired, or maintained, where a pedestrian area will be below the area being worked on. Our sidewalk canopy rental services in Chicago meets all state and local building codes. We will design the right sidewalk canopy for your project based on the International Building Code requirements for overhead protection.

Installation & Rental Sidewalk Canopies

During new construction or building renovations, Chicago requires pedestrian sidewalk canopies be installed over sidewalks to protect pedestrians from fall debris, construction dust and loud noises. CAE, Inc., is one of Chicago’s premier scaffolding companies you can rely on to ensure all code requirements are met with sidewalk canopies and high quality scaffold solutions available.

Sidewalk canopy installation requires a qualified expert to determine the proper sidewalk canopy for the project and environment. There are several types of sidewalk canopies, so having the right company to determine the best and affordable protective canopy is important.

Sidewalk Protective Canopies

Protecting the Public with Scaffold Formwork and Shoring Solutions

Whether you are renovating, repairing, painting, providing maintenance, or demolishing a building in Chicago public areas, you must take safety and protective measures to protect pedestrians from debris, dust, objects, and construction sounds. In order to accomplish this, it is necessary to have a temporary pedestrian canopy erected over the pedestrian walkways. This is a requirement and not an option. CAE, Inc., makes this process easy and care free. We specialize in sidewalk canopies throughout Chicago, and other locations. Safety is our priority, and we bring the experience and scaffolding formwork and shoring scaffold to ensure the safety of pedestrians.

Constructing Sidewalk Canopies to Specifications and Public Safety

Scaffolding and shoring scaffold used by CAE, Inc., are governed by local regulations pertaining to worker and pedestrian safety. The construction site needs to meet these requirements to protect the safety of workers and pedestrian by passers. We know local and state building codes and follow them and typically exceed them to create the safest environment for sidewalk canopies and public safety.

Chicago Pedestrian Canopies

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